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What Does Medical Pain Management Entail?

According to the CDC, about 20.9% of U.S. adults are dealing with some type of chronic pain condition. Finding safe and legal ways to deal with it is essential to a person’s quality of life. Pain centers provide solutions for patients so that they can live full and happy lives. Let’s learn more about what medical pain management entails.

What Is Medical Pain Management?

Medical pain management is a type of treatment that is conducted at a clinic under the guidance of a doctor. It’s often done with the use of carefully selected and precisely dosed prescription drugs. Under the careful watch of the clinic, a patient can reap the benefits of pain relievers that will help them live a normal life.

What Do Pain Clinicians Do?

A pain doctor will evaluate the condition of a patient, review their medical history, and conduct examinations to determine the source of chronic discomfort. Once the condition or conditions have been pinpointed, the physician will then attempt to create a pain management plan for the patient. This plan can include both medications and non-mediation treatment options; many of these plans are a combination of both.

After a patient has started a treatment plan, the physician at the pain clinic will continue to monitor the individual’s condition on a regular basis. They will also monitor how the patient is handling the prescribed medications if there are any side effects, and what adjustments might be needed.

What If Medications Don’t Work?

For many people suffering from chronic discomfort, medications often only work for a period of time. It can be necessary for medications to be changed and altered over time. This is why it’s vital that the patient continue to see their doctor so that their condition can continue to be monitored and changes can be made. Every effort will be made to ensure that the patient has access to safe, legal methods of pain management under the care of their physician.

As you can see, pain centers assist individuals with their chronic discomfort with the assistance of highly trained physicians. Here at Peace Medical, we offer pain management, detox programs, addiction services, mental health counseling, medical weight loss services, telehealth, and more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a professional.

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