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Top 4 Most Reported Chronic Pain Conditions

Pain Clinics

Chronic pain is something that plagues far too many Americans every year, and this condition can take many forms. Millions suffer from acute pain, but 25% of the population has reported pain that lasts longer than 24 hours. Sometimes, it feels as though the pain will never go away. This gives rise to the need for pain clinics and pain management doctors. If you experience one of the following types of pain on a regular basis, you should look for pain management clinics in your area.

  1. Lower Back
    Lower back pain affects 27% of all chronic pain sufferers according to a National Institute of Health Statistics survey. Whether it originates from an injury like a slipped disk, constant overexertion from manual labor, excessive sitting, or from a plethora of other sources, lower back pain can be nasty and agonizing.
  2. Headaches
    Migraines and severe headaches are possibly the most painful and common chronic pain condition, and they affect 15% of chronic pain sufferers. If you’ve ever had to endure a migraine, you know that over the counter treatment options barely make a difference. Pain clinics might be able to help headache sufferers in a serious way.
  3. Neck
    Chronic neck pain can be caused by many different injuries. Car accidents that cause whiplash can leave one’s neck with a lifelong injury. Sports can also put your neck at risk for long-term injury, as can improper lifting technique and repetitive tasks that leave your neck at a stagnant angle. This type of chronic pain also affects 15% of Americans and can cause some serious limitations.
  4. Facial Aches
    This type of chronic pain isn’t generally caused from injuries, but from underlying conditions instead. Sinus infections and deviated septums can cause breathing problems and headaches. Untreated toothaches can result in lasting damage and excruciating pain. Glaucoma can block your eyesight and cause blindness. All of these conditions and many others make up 4% of the reported chronic pain sufferers.

If you are constantly experiencing pain, and nothing you’ve tried has been able to help, talk to pain management specialists at pain clinics. They can help develop a strategy for you to tackle your pain, and finally manage to give you some relief.

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