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Combatting Addiction: Treating Alcoholism With Medical Marijuana

Combatting Addiction: Treating Alcoholism With Medical Marijuana

Drugs are a major issue in the United States. From the opioid epidemic to cocaine usage, millions of Americans abuse drugs on a frequent basis. The number one drug problem in the U.S., however, isn’t misusing prescriptions or involving illegal substances. No, the number one drug problem in the U.S. is alcohol abuse.

If you or someone close to you is struggling with an addition to alcohol, it’s important that you get help right away. Talking to medical professionals and people who have experienced the same issues can certainly help, but further medical attention will most likely be needed in severe instances.

Medical marijuana could actually play a legitimate role in fighting national alcohol abuse.

According to CNN, the National Institute of Drug Abuse is funding projects to use synthetic THC for treatment of substance abuse disorders, providing grants for other cannabis-related treatments for methamphetamine use, relapse prevention, and how a endocannabinoid system can act as a potential therapy for alcohol use disorder.

“Some say it’s hypocritical because, you know, you’re supposed to go to rehab to get off drugs,” Joe Schrank, founder and program director of High Sobriety, who recently celebrated 20 years of sobriety from alcohol and all other drugs. “And cessation of drug use can be a goal for some people, but pacing is also important.”

Medical marijuana has already been shown to combat other disorders like opioid addictions and help with pain management, and many researchers and doctors are hoping it will soon make its way into the fight against alcohol abuse, too.

“[Marijuana] can really help people with pain management and other health issues,” added Schrank, “or it can help them be safer.”

Individuals trying to quit drinking or at least cut back to realistic levels can look to medicinal marijuana to replace those alcohol cravings.

If you are struggling with an alcohol addiction or any other substance abuse problem, seek out professional medical help right away. Additionally, if you want to learn more about medical marijuana or if you’re in need of an alcohol detox center, contact Peace Medical today.

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