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Managing Adult ADD: Some Advice, Notes, and Tips

adult add treatment

Adult ADD isn’t talked about a lot, and part of the reason has to do with its low rate of diagnosis. Most people with ADD are diagnosed when they are children. On top of that, a combination of social stigma and mental health treatment norms prevent it from being diagnosed much after adolescence. And then there are still more factors that depress new ADD diagnoses; for instance, boys are twice as likely as girls to ever be diagnosed with ADHD.

But the fact is that adults can and do have attention disorders, which can have very serious effects on productivity and relationships. It is important that adults with attention deficit disorders work with an understanding and experienced doctor to find the best adult ADD treatments, but there are other strategies that can be implemented as well.

Check out some popular adult ADD treatments here:

Consider Coaching
In addition to working with a therapist or doctor, it might be worth it to try out some sort of coaching, depending on what area of your life you would like to become more disciplined in. For instance, it might be appropriate to sign up with a life coach or a relationship coach.

Embrace Encouragement
Affirmations are your best friend. Remember to repeat them to yourself daily, and let the people around you know how important they are to helping you meet your unique challenges.

Think About Medication
Even a small dose of medication can sometimes do wonders to help adults with ADD and other associated issues, like depression and insomnia. Indeed, ADD and insomnia are often very related. Help with one issue may provide relief from another.

Join a Support Group
Support groups help remind you that you are not alone, and the stories, advice, and support you get from them can be invaluable.

Make Use of Rituals (and Other Coping Tools)
The most important thing is to find out what works for you. Many adults with ADD find reminders, lists, color coding, and other techniques to be very helpful for them to stay productive and finish projects on time.

Take a Time-Out
Remember, if things get a little too overwhelming, don’t hesitate to take a moment, or more, to get yourself together, call a friend or trusted doctor, and generally cool off.

There are a lot of adult ADD treatments out there — it’s all about finding what’s right for you!

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