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Medical Marijuana Useful in Quelling ADHD

Insomnia and ADHD have been linked in patients of all ages. ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, prevents a person from adequately focusing. This can be especially detrimental to elementary and high school students if not properly diagnosed, adversely impacting their social interactions as adults.

There is an increasing number of diagnosed persons with ADD across the country. The lack of focus impacts not only a person’s ability to perform daily activities, but also to sleep. Restless sleep is a classic indication of untreated ADHD. There are many synthetic drugs approved by the FDA to help the treatment for ADD, but the majority of these actually contain stimulants to encourage focus, which can be disruptive to sleep patterns.

Some other available medications can calm hyperactivity to a point of removing it entirely, helping patience not only focus, but sleep much better. These are mostly the effect of natural substances found in lemon balm, chamomile, passion flower, and St. John’s wort. Side effects of, and withdrawal from the synthetic drugs the FDA approves for use against insomnia and ADHD are not completely known, especially in the long term. And because many of these drugs are actually stimulants, designed to help patients focus more clearly, they may be disruptive to the patient’s sleep.

Insomnia and ADHD are linked because the diagnosed person is mainly struggling with hyperactivity. As stimulants may help those with ADHD focus more clearly, they are also inherently disruptive to sleep patterns, not to mention the adverse impact that are proven to have on heart, kidney and liver health. Some doctors advocate the use of medical marijuana encourage to counteract the effects that ADHD, and medications to treat it, have on insomnia. There are other natural options, however, proven to work against sleep disorders with minimal negative effects on the human body.

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