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Can You Get a Telehealth Consultation For Pain?

Can You Get A Telehealth Consultation For Pain?

Telemedicine services are a convenient way to get health care for a wide range of ailments. Telemedicine services can be an easier way to speak to a doctor either online or on the phone to get the care that you need. In many cases, telemedicine services are great, and in other cases, telemedicine is not the best option. Let’s explore whether you can speak with a doctor online for pain.

Pain Management Services

If you are in pain and are considering using telemedicine services, you can, but there are some caveats. For example, if you are a long-standing patient that is taking non-opioid pain medications, then your pain management team may offer telemedicine appointments. However, if you are a new patient, the doctors may want to see you in person.

If the pain is sudden onset and something you have never experienced before, then the doctors will want you to be seen to have diagnostic testing done. If you are a current patient that is taking narcotic pain medication, the doctor will also likely want to see you in person to manage blood work and urinalysis.

Narcotic pain medication can rarely be prescribed through telemedicine appointments because of the overuse and abuse of the medication. About four out of five heroin users report that they started on the path to addiction by abusing prescription narcotic pain killers. This type of medication must be monitored closely.

Acute Injuries

Sometimes pain problems are caused by acute sudden injuries. In the case of an acute sudden injury that is causing pain, telemedicine might be an option. For example, if you broke your arm, it is in a cast, and it is now causing a throbbing pain from swelling, then the telemedicine physician may be able to help.

Pain From Illness

If the pain is brought on by a well-documented illness, then telemedicine may also help in that situation. Ultimately, the doctor needs your medical history to decide whether they can help with pain management. Pain is the body’s response to let you know something is wrong. It is the doctor’s responsibility to figure out what is causing the pain. If you already know what the pain is from, and can relay that information to the telemedicine physician, you may be able to be seen for a pain problem.

Telemedicine services make getting the health care that you need far more convenient. Read up on what services can be provided to learn more about the care you can get right online or by phone.

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