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The Pandemic Within The Pandemic in The Tampa Bay Area: Opioids Addiction

Three individuals die every day in the Tampa Bay Area from opioid overdoses in what has been dubbed “the epidemic within the pandemic” — the increase in opioid usage linked to COVID-19.

How to Fight the Epidemic

Methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine are the three major active components of FDA-approved drugs to treat opioid addiction. Access to rehabilitation centers is one of the main options open to those afflicted and their families. They can also make use of a remote doctor consultation in Florida, too.

A new strategy called Project Opioid Tampa Bay was unveiled on May 21, 2021 during a virtual kick-off event with community and statewide officials. It included members from the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ office and was sponsored by Florida Blue Foundation. The aim of Project Opioid Tampa Bay was to rally the region’s commercial, charitable, and spiritual leaders behind a single goal: to decrease the number of people dying from opioid overdoses.

Pain Management

Another issue contributing to the quality of life during this epidemic is how pain management is approached. Opioids have for a long time been prescribed for acute pain. Unfortunately, getting patients off opioids is not always successful. The increase in depression has not helped either.

Mental Health

With mental health playing such a big part, it has come under the spotlight as well. Patients suffering from all types of issues need treatment to deal with their situations. Sometimes opioids seem a good way out to them.

In the United States, the degree to which persons with mental health conditions receive opioids has still not been accurately recorded, according to the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (JABFM). That means the situation may even be worse than expected. People who have been prescribed opioids while battling mental health issues can seek a second opinion by means of a remote doctor consultation in Florida. It is recommended that they do.


Telemedicine is a great way to get help via a remote doctor consultation in Florida. Telemedicine is the delivery of remote medical services through real-time two-way audio and video contact between both the patient and healthcare professional.

With the epidemic reaching crisis levels, it is important to be aware of its effects on mental health. If you’re interested in telemedicine for physical or mental health purposes, contact Peace Medical in Florida today.

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