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Whether You’re in Jacksonville, Tampa or Key West, You Can Receive Drug Detox at Home via Telemedicine

Detox At Home

Daily-dose treatment with low-dose buprenorphine in home primary care can successfully achieve stable abstinence in some individuals who are addicted to opioids, but these patients must be carefully selected because adverse events are common during induction and acute treatment. After acute withdrawal, which lasts from three to five days, the second phase of withdrawal, called post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS), can last a year or more. Learn more about how a drug detox at home works if you or a loved one are recovering from an addictive drug.

Using Telemedicine for Drug Detoxification Gives Patients More Privacy

Drug rehab is often associated with high stress, anxiety, and embarrassment. This often leads to individuals hiding their addiction. With drug rehabilitation via Telemedicine, people can receive treatment in the comfort of their own homes while maintaining privacy. A private drug detox at home allows an addicted person to get help without losing their job or social status. Patients will feel at ease knowing that they won’t be judged by others who don’t know about their situation.

It Is Significantly Less Expensive Than Traditional Inpatient Drug Detox Programs

When using an online drug abuse program for recovery, addicted individuals can save money on transportation costs and room/board. Going to an inpatient drug detox program requires that patients have someone drive them to the rehab center, or they must take public transportation. This can be costly if their insurance does not cover all expenses. Room and board at a traditional drug detox facility can cost patients up to $1,200 per day. Telemedicine programs allow addicts to stay in the comfort of their own homes while receiving treatment to save money on transportation costs and room/board fees.

Home-Based Recovery Is More Effective Than Standard Treatment Centers

Home-based recovery provides addicted people with the opportunity to focus solely on rehabilitating. As opposed to standard detox centers, a drug detox at home lets recovering addicts focus entirely on their sobriety without worrying about the pressures of work and school. Patients will also be able to focus on their treatment plan without worrying about distractions from friends and family members. Because patients can eliminate all extracurricular activities during this time, they are more likely to overcome their addiction.

When a person decides to end their addiction, many choices can be made. One of the most popular and easily accessible for most people is home detox. Home detox is a method where a person chooses to withdraw from a drug or alcohol dependence without going into an inpatient facility.

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